About Us

Awareness, art, reflection, gastronomy and recreation, all in one emblematic and touristic site in Quito: Guápulo's viewpoint. Tandana aims to break paradigms, coalesce different struggles and movements together into one: the integral promotion of nature's rights, and all animals, including humans.

The activist restaurant

We venture into offering non-profit gastronomy, innovative in our city and inclusive with people and other animals. We focus on the health and well-being of our guests as well as other animals and the planet: vegan cuisine that promotes organic, eco-friendly and fair trade. As part of the organization's policies, we look to work locally, from the raw ingredients to the final product; with the exception of small artisans with similar methods, and using an efficient strategy of social responsibility. Part of the members belong to vulnerable groups of the area; and most of the vegetables used to create the dishes come from organic local farms in Guápulo. We also have permanent vegan cooking workshops, an urban produce garden and eco-friendly alternatives to encourage our guests to change their habits in a friendly and practical manner.

Cultural Center

The space has an inclusive cultural center that opens its doors to all vulnerable groups of our society, and aspires to promote the rights of human and non-human animals, as well as nature, through culture and art. Likewise we promote spaces for dialog and exchange of ideas that help sensitize about the importance of conscious consumption, sustainable alternatives, animal welfare, responsible coexistence, inclusion and the rights of vulnerable groups, etc.

Green Areas

At Tandana, there are green recreation areas for dogs that include educational campaigns to sensitize people about animal welfare: sterilization, adoption, non-abandonment, registration, responsible coexistence, among others. In addition, the space will have: inclusive games for children and people with disabilities. Urban produce gardens and agroecology workshops that will encourage guests to create similar spaces in their homes, public bicycle parking in order to facilitate and encourage environmentally friendly means of transportation. Likewise, we host fairs about conscious consumption with organic and artisanal products from the local residents, whom we've educated about the use sustainable materials. The project Tandana belongs to Fundación Libera Ecuador, that means all funds collected in the restaurant, are used to develop the purposes of the foundation.

Fundación Libera Ecuador

LIBERA! is an international organization with its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. And it currently has delegations in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador. LIBERA! Ecuador is a not-for-profit organization legally established in the country, entirely nonpartisan and committed to the vindication and revindication of the rights of nature, and all non-human and human animals. It originated in Ecuador during the referendum of may 2011, specifically involving the debate around allowing public spectacles that include killing animals.

LIBERA! Ecuador focuses mainly in:

1.- The involvement in public policies in order to fight for animals and nature's rights at the regional and national levels.

2.- The promotion of rights through awareness, education and Conscious Consumption, promoting the use of vegan, fair trade, local and ecological products, in order to eradicate all types of discrimination and provide a healthy and definite alternative to reduce climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water pollution, land desertification and social inequality.

What we do

We identify with a form of work that is propositional, inclusive and friendly.

We've joined with groups and activists of different currents in Yasunidos for the active defense of the Yasuní National Park, the most biodiverse place in the planet and home of indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation.

We've joined with several animal advocate organizations to build and promote the law for animal welfare, LOBA, which part of their postulates have been collected in other regulations and that meant a drastic change in the defense of animal rights in the country.

We develop educational and recreational spaces such as Navaja Suiza, the first radio program in Latin America dedicated to the promotion of a vegan political stance; we host vegan cuisine workshops, picnics, forums, debates and cultural events that promote the vindication of rights.

Libera! Ecuador also created Tandana, a word in Kichwa, an Ecuadorian ancestral language, which means to protect people and animals in situations of vulnerability. The project was born with the purpose of promoting rights in an innovative and successful way uniting all the fronts of the organization.